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14.03.2018 | Kategoriassa:
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It took a long time, but at least now shoemaker’s kids has new shoes! At the beginning of 2018 we finally managed to update our more than 10 years old website to match today’s standards! New site is fully responsible and mobile friendly in every way. The new front end may be the most obvious and the most significant change for you, but for us it is the new back end which matters! We have  worked hard for new back end and also for search engine optimization.

Old web pages were created in 2016 so time has passed already over ten years before this update! It is a long time for a company that is constantly designing and creating modern web sites to clients but our clients just kept us very busy! We used quite simple and primitive online publishing tool in our old site but now we have a brand new WordPress based content management system. It is not just a custom theme – we have customized everything: new content management system includes sophisticated features that allows us to manage our content and it contains also a lot of other tools related to statistics, optimization, organization and communication.

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