Pasi Kainulainen

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Pasi Kainulainen is consultant, educator and author of his own IT books. Pasi is also CEO, founder and owner of Finnish consultant and IT company, Mixtum. Pasi has more than 20 years of experience in IT area and education. In addition to consulting services Pasi is also working on projects and productions in the IT industry. Pasi is at the same time a developer, a graphic designer, an illustrator and a video editor. Pasi is very enthusiastic about all media, design, coding, editing and generally all IT related productions and roles.

Mr. Pasi Kainulainen was one of the young Finnish students who started working in the Finnish IT industry in the late 1990s. Now Pasi has over 20 years of experience in the industry.

Pasi Kainulainen is CEO of Mixtum, Finnish IT developing and training company.

Mixtum was founded by Mr. Pasi Kainulainen in the beginning of 2003. Pasi is still the CEO and owner of the company. You will find more information and history about Finnish IT company, Mixtum, at