Educational services, consultancy and courses

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Mixtum has been training and consulting for almost 20 years! We offer IT courses and trainings for companies, educational institutes as well as individuals. We offer tailor-made consulting services and personal coaching for anyone interested.

Customized consulting services

We provide tailor-made consulting and training services especially for companies but also for individuals, when needed. Customized private trainings can be held either at Mixtum’s training center in Otaniemi Espoo Finland or at the customer’s own office anywhere in Finland.
Private trainings can be customized in many different ways: time, duration, number of people involved etc.

The Wizard’s courses (Velhon kurssit)

The Wizard’s Courses are Mixtum’s high-quality open courses for anyone interested. At the beginning of year 2018, the courses have been held in Technopolis campus in Otaniemi Espoo. The Mixtum Training Center is easy to reach by car, by metro or by bus. The courses are usually two days long and include a lot of content. Learning is effective because of the small group size and the feedback has always been excellent. In addition to the basic “Wizard courses”, we also arrange additional more advanced level courses as needed and desires.

The Wizard’s handbooks (Velhon käsikirjat)

The Wizard’s handbooks (Velhon käsikirjat) are written by Mixtum and ordered through Mixtum webpages. These books can be ordered as such for your own private use but it is also possible to use these books in educational institutions and training centers for extra charge. The amount of the pages are about 60 pages in total and this kind of compact package has been designed to offer as much information as possible. Of course, we use these books in our own courses.

The trainers and their know-how

The know-how of our instructors is not just a theory learned from books or web. In addition to our own trainings Mixtum trainers work daily on challenging IT and design projects in the industry. This way, we are constantly developing our own know-how and could offer industry’s latest tricks and tips to our clients. We have held so many training to all kind of different levels and clients: for beginners or professionals or even special groups such as the deaf people.

Our client’s feedback is very positive and satisfied clients want to take advantage our know-how more and more, year after year.