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Mixtum - You Name It, We'll Create It!Mixtum is a creative Finnish IT and consulting company and advertising agency. The company was founded between 2002 and 2003 by the president and owner of the company Pasi Kainulainen. The place of business is the capital of Finland, Helsinki.

Our servicing is based on the idea that we can improve and be of service to your business opportunities. Customized concepts are developed from the bases of your needs. Regardless of the final result we take care of scanning your needs and situation, from the designing to the technical development and upkeep. If wanted we also take care of training the services and tools that we have built for you.  And all the advanced ideas that have developed during the project are all collected for the possible following up project.

We work efficiently and with passion and we provide full spectrum of services. We develop Web-services and pages for customers to help and boost their occupation. We also create tools, applications and design magnificent printed publication and also share our knowledge by consulting and educating.

Web and Rich Media

Our strengths are great talent, creativity and inspiration. ’business by creating stunning graphic design, accessible and good looking Web-sites, mobile games and all kinds of other digital products. We are specialized in Internet technologies and developing RIA’s (Rich Internet Applications).

When we work with large complex web-concepts we emphasize usability, reliability, versatile features, fast loading and easy updating. Remember that our customized services mean that you pay only for the services that you need!

Graphic Design

One of our best skills are graphic design which is based on creativity and gifted talent. We provide only ideas from the assembly line. We design and create all public relations or marketing rough drafts from the beginning to the end with the aim of functioning and distinguished outcome that gives the customer the best benefit.

Training and consulting

We provide consultation and training services and we are known as a skilled and trustable consulting company. We provide training and consultation services for different companies, institutions and training centre all over. Each training we customize for every customer wishes including learning material.  We also observe the starting level of each person that attends our course.  Excellent feedback and pleased course participants are the bases of our trainings.  Our instructors have offered consulting and training lessons since 1998 and they have received a lot of positive feedback.


Mixtum celebrates its 10th anniversary!

Mixtum celebrates its 10th anniversary!

Mixtum is now 10 years old company! Nevertheless, we feel that we are still a young and fresh company full of innovative ideas.

Mixtum started as a consulting company but now we do everything from traditional print graphics and illustrations to mobile games and demanding web applications.

Our goal has always been to understand our customers and to help them achieve the maximum benefit from IT services. In the future, we will continue to serve our customers in the best possible way.

We thank our customers, suppliers and partners for the last ten years of support and look forward to the next ten years ahead!


lainausmerkkiOur goal is to help our customers to understand the opportunities in today’s digital media and get the best possible benefit from it!lainausmerkki

You Name It - We'll Create It!

Graphic Design & Web Design, Web Pages, Web Applications and RIA's (Rich Media Applications), AIR's (Desktop Applications), Flash Games, Animations, 3D Art / 3D-Animations, Video Editing and much more...

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